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Mon, May 21, 2018 07:44AM

AwesomeNet Captive Portal Internet

An AwesomeNet Captive Portal Internet Hotspot lets you offer wireless internet access to your customers. Turn your hotel, motel, apartment complex, RV park, or any social establishment into a wireless hotspot!

  • Get an Edge on Your Competition
    Appeal to customers who expect wireless internet access.

  • Controlled Access
    You control who can get online.

  • Equipment Compatible
    Our system works with standard laptop wireless equipment, and with any modern OS: Windows, Mac, or Linux.

  • Custom Portal Pages
    Advertise your business every time someone opens a laptop nearby!

  • Custom Access Pricing
    Charge your customers rates that fit your business needs. Make daily, hourly, weekly tickets — or any variation of time & price that you determine.

  • Flexible Payment Options
    Customers can pay for service by credit card, PayPal or prepaid tickets that you sell.

  • Insanely Low Entry Cost!!!
    We have hotspot plans starting at NO COST TO YOU!
    Call 1-888-408-8506 for a Quote!

  • Risk Free
    No installation fees, no software fees, no usage fees. We install and maintain the hardware — you start collecting revenue.

Call 1-888-408-8506 for more information.

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